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You may or may not have participated in a remix before, or even heard of one, but I want to do a Smallville fandom specific version. There are going to be a lot fewer limits than remix_redux has, however.

This is open to anyone in Smallville fandom. All genres, characters, pairings, themes, and media are accepted. Fic, art, comics, manips, icons, vids, meta, filk songs, fanmixes, we want it all.

"Remix" is being defined very broadly here. If you can collapse a 100,000-word epic fic into a 6-word ficlet that makes everyone marvel at how well you did it, or vice versa, go for it. If you make a sequel, do the same plot with a different pairing, tell it from the POV of some sentient peanuts, make a vid of a fic, write a fic based on an icon set or a fanmix, draw art for a vid, make a fanmix for a comic, write fic based on a meta essay, throw in some crossover characters, combine three stories into one, write meta about a vid, take photos of peanuts acting out a vid, or "merely" rewrite a fic scene from a different character's POV, whatever, go for it. Just get an idea from your assignment's works, have fun, and try to push your limits! And don't die of peanut allergies.

There will be two levels of sign-up: to remix or to be remixed. You can sign up for one or the other or both.

The requirement for signing up to remix is really just a desire to create SV fanworks.

The requirement to sign up to be remixed is that you must have, publicly posted and easily accessible, at least four (4) Smallville fanworks. Things that count as fanworks: fic, vids, meta essays, fanmixes, icon sets, manips, comics, drawings, other art, etc. Things that do not count as fanworks: episode reviews/reactions/recaps, picspams/screencaps, icons you post with, rec lists, DVD commentaries on things other people created, etc. Co-created works can only be used if both/all creators sign up to be remixed. WIPs are also off-limits, as are works that are already remixes of things by other people.

Length: There is no maximum size. The minimum size is that something must exist.

Process: Sign up using the standard form. If you are remixing, you will be assigned one or two people to work from. Take a look over their works, decide what you want to do, and go for it. There are pretty much no limits on the content of what you create in terms of subject matter (however, don't use items from your assignment's personal life, as posted in their journal, within your remix).

If you are being remixed, please remember that it's not about you. Just as fans come up with all kinds of ideas based on canon, so the remixer can come up with all kinds of ideas based on your work. Inspired by your work. But it's not a reflection of you, it's a reflection of the remixer. There are no guarantees. You may hate what they make. You may love it. There may not actually be a remix of anything by you, if people drop out or something.

Sign-up form:
Are you remixing (yes/no)?
Can your works be remixed (yes/no)?
Link to your fanworks (website, tag or memory category, etc):
What you normally make (medium, genre, pairing/characters, era, ratings, etc):
What you are interested in remixing (medium, genre, pairing/characters, era, ratings, etc):
What you really don't want to remix (medium, genre, pairing/characters, era, ratings, etc):

Example sign-up:
Name: ciaan
Email: ciaan at nemurokinenkan dot net
Are you remixing (yes/no)? yes
Can your works be remixed (yes/no)? yes
Link to your fanworks (website, LJ tag or memory category, etc): LJ tag and website
What you normally make (medium, genre, pairing/characters, era, ratings, etc): Fic, some meta, a few icons/manips, mainly Clex
What you are interested in remixing (medium, genre, pairing/characters, era, ratings, etc): I might want to do fic based on non-fic sources. I like Clex and Lex-centric things.
What you really don't want to remix (medium, genre, pairing/characters, era, ratings, etc): I only follow seasons 1-3 and haven't seen the recent seasons, so I can't work with those characters or plots. I avoid Lexana and mpreg.

Sign-ups: May 1 through May 20
Assignments go out: by June 5
Posting: August 15 through August 31

If you can't post by the final date, but are in progress on something, please ask your assignment whether you can keep working on it and post it later. There are no penalties at all for not getting something posted within the time span, but I would appreciate being notified. Comm posting will be moderated until August 15 and then opened.

[community profile] sv_remix is on LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, and Dreamwidth. I will make a masterpost at the end with links to everything.

FAQ is here.

Sign-ups are here. Please do not sign up on this post.
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