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I just sent out all the assignments. If you don't receive yours, please contact me.

Remember, the posting dates are August 15 to August 31.

There were some people who offered their works for remixing without signing up to do a remix, so everyone has been given two (in some cases three) people to look over. Also, everyone has been assigned to two people. The Clex shippers were mostly done by drawing names out of a pile, the het shippers I tried to match up by pairing (though some of you were more unique than others). Hopefully this way you have enough to work with that you will find something that inspires you. (You don't actually have to like something to be inspired by it, as we should all know from dealing with canon, and you are allowed to take a theme or plot and apply it to different characters.) It's also possible to combine multiple pieces by multiple people, if you want, or do multiple remixes, though the only expectation is one. If you have serious problems with your assignment, you can contact me.

I still don't promise that a remix will be made from your stuff, or that you will like the one(s) that are. I would suggest focusing more on what you are doing, rather than what someone else might do with you.

Have fun, folks!